2009 – Arthur Budgett with Morston and Blakeney

2009 - Arthur Budgett with Morston and Blakeney by William Newton

Arthur Budgett bred both Blakeney and Morston from his mare Windmill Girl and by a strange twist of fate continued to own and train them throughout their racing careers.

In my preparation, I was immensely fortunate in spending a great deal of time (which I shall always treasure) with Arthur and his wife Bay.  Although aged 92, Arthur’s mind was keen and sharp and both he and Bay were able to recall in detail everything I needed to know about the two half brothers.

The finished bronze depicts Arthur aged about 50, flanked by Blakeney to his right and Morston his left.  The easy, gentle yet, sincere and dignified atmosphere of this trophy reflects, I feel, the character of the trainer who, together with his perfectionist wife, were a constant source of help throughout the sculptures creation.

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